About Deta Base

Deta Base is a fully-managed, fast, scalable and secure NoSQL database with a focus on end-user simplicity. It offers a UI through which you can easily see, query, update and delete records in the database.

What can Deta Base be used for?#

Deta Base is great for projects where configuring and maintaining a database is overkill.


  • Serverless Applications
  • Internal Tools
  • Stateful Integrations
  • Hackathons and Side Projects
  • Prototyping

Is my data secure?#

Your data is encrypted and stored safely on AWS. Encryption keys are managed by AWS; AWS manages Exabytes of the world's most sensitive data.

How do I start?#

  1. Log in to Deta.
  2. Grab your Project Key and your Project ID and start writing code in Python, Node.js, or over HTTP wherever you need persistent data storage.