About Deta Base

Deta Base is a fully-managed, fast, scalable and secure NoSQL database with a focus on end user simplicity. It offers a UI through which you can easily see, query, update and delete records in the database.

What can Deta Base be used for?

Deta Base is great for projects where configuring and maintaining a database is overkill.


  • Serverless Applications
  • Internal Tools
  • Stateful Integrations
  • Hackathons and Side Projects
  • Prototyping

Is my data secure?

Your data is encrypted and stored safely on AWS. Encryption keys are managed by AWS; AWS manages Exabytes of the world's most sensitive data.

How do I start?

  1. Log in to Deta.
  2. Grab your Project Key and your Project ID and start writing code in Python, Node.js, or over HTTP wherever you need persistent data storage.