The deta cli authenticates in two ways:

Login From The Browser#

Use deta command deta login to login from the web browser. It will open the login page in a web browser.


If the login page could not be opened automatically for some reason, the cli will display the login url. Open the link in a browser for the login to complete.

Deta Access Tokens#

The deta cli also authenticates with deta access tokens. You can create an access token under the Settings tab in your dashboard( The access tokens are valid for a year.


The access token can only be retreived once after creation. Please, store it in a safe place after the token has been created.

Token Provider Chain#

The access token (called Access Token when you create the token from the UI) can be set up to be used by the cli in the following ways in order of preference:

  • DETA_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable:

    • provide the access token through the cli's environment under the environment variable DETA_ACCESS_TOKEN
  • $HOME/.deta/tokens file:

    • create a file called tokens in $HOME/.deta/

    • provide the token in the field deta_access_token in the file as json :

      "deta_access_token": "your_access_token"

Using Deta in GitPod with Access Tokens#

To use the Deta CLI in GitPod, first install the Deta CLI to your GitPod terminal:

curl -fsSL | sh

Then add the deta command to the path of the Gitpod environment:

source ~/.bashrc

Finally, add your authentication token to the GitPod environment, which will authenticate the Deta CLI commands against our backend:

export DETA_ACCESS_TOKEN=<access_token_here>

You are now free to use the deta command within GitPod!

Using Deta in GitHub Actions with Access Tokens#

Use this ready-to-use GitHub action to deploy your app to Deta.


If you run into any issues, consider reporting them in our Github Discussions.