CLI Releases



  • deta new: Fix issues with incomplete/failed deployment if application code already exists in the root directory
  • recognize .mo files as binary files


deta run: Run a micro from the the CLI. Docs at

deta cron: Set a micro to run on a schedule. Docs at

In order to use the new features, please upgrade the CLI to the latest new version.

On linux/macOS platforms:

curl -fsSL | sh

On windows:

iwr -useb | iex

The CLI has updates for the new features as well as some other updates.

New Commands

deta clone: Clone an existing micro

deta cron: Set a micro to run on a schedule

deta run: Run a micro from the CLI

deta version upgrade: Upgrade Deta version

deta visor open: Open the Visor page for a micro


deta pull: Pull only pulls latest code of an existing micro from the micro's root directory, add --force flag

deta deploy: Checks for latest available version on successful deployments


deta pull: Fix deta pull creating an empty directory even if pull fails

deta deploy: Fix issues with deploying binary files (edited)

deta details: Fix issue with displaying wrong values of visor and http_auth

The docs for the CLI commands: