Common Issues

Adding/Updating dependencies fails with no output#

On windows, if adding or updating dependencies fails with the following or similar error message but there is no further output:

Error: failed to update dependencies: error on one or more dependencies,
no dependencies were added, see output for details.

Then, please make sure the requirements file encoding is UTF-8.


If you have used the command pip freeze > requirements.txt in powershell on Windows, the file created is not encoded in UTF-8. Please change the encoding or create a new file with the right encoding.

Nodejs Micros cannot serve binary files#

Serving some binary files (images, fonts etc) fails on nodejs micros currently because of a bug. We are sorry for this and will push a fix as soon as we can.

As a workaround, please add the environment variable BINARY_CONTENT_TYPES={file_mime_type} in the micro's environment to serve the file. The file_mime_type can accept wildcards (*) and comma separated values.

For instance, if you want to serve images and fonts from your nodejs micro, setting


will let the micro serve these files.

Please, use the deta update -e [env_file_name] command to update the environment variables of the Micro.

Cannot login from the web browser after deta login#

If logging in with deta login from the Brave Browser fails, disable the shields for that page and try again. If it's not the Brave Browser, please use a different browser to login (you can copy the link in a different browser after the login page opens up), or use deta access tokens instead.

Account is unconfirmed but I did not receive a confirmation email#

Please check your spam folder as well for the confirmation email. If you have not received one, please send us an email at for activating your account with the email address you used at sign up.