Drive UI

Drive UI lets you inspect, add, delete files from a Drive via a GUI.

Opening Drive UI#

You can open an individual Drive's UI within any project by clicking on the Drive name in the project sidebar.


All the files and folders from within the path / should load into the table view when clicked.

Preview and Navigation#

Files that are previewable (and folders) are marked in blue.


Clicking a folder will navigate to that folder, while clicking a file will open up a preview.


Your current location is highlighted in black in the navigation bar at the top of Drive UI.


You can click a parent folder, or the Drive name, to jump to that location.

Uploading & Downloading Files#

You can upload a file by dragging it into the list of files & folders. This will upload the file in the current directory.


To download a file, click the download icon, which is on the right side of the the table.

Deleting Files#

To delete files, click on the checkbox(es) for any files(s) and then click the trash icon in the top right corner of the Drive UI panel.


You will be asked to confirm you want to delete the file(s).

Final Notes#

We hope you enjoy Drive UI!

Drive UI is still in Beta; it has been internally tested but may have some uncaught bugs or issues.


If you run into any issues, consider reporting them in our Github Discussions.