Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the different 'keys' for?#

Deta offers 3 types of secrets / keys / tokens:

  1. Project Keys: Project keys interact with both your data and your resources inside a project (currently allowing reads and writes for the project's Bases and Drives). A project key will be created for you when you create a project, and you can manage all of a project's keys from the 'Project Keys' option in any project's sidebar. If this key is leaked, the data stored in any of the connected project's Bases and Drives can be compromised.

  2. API Keys: API Keys are optional keys to protect your Micro HTTP endpoint or to implement client-based rules. Creating API Keys from the Deta CLI is described here. Read more about API Keys here. If this key is leaked, your Micro's http endpoint can be used by unwanted clients.

  3. Access Tokens: Access tokens are used for authenticating the Deta CLI. Use cases: CI/CD, Gitpod, GitHub Actions. Information on Deta Access Tokens can be found here. If this key is leaked, your whole Deta account is compromised.

These types of keys are not unique to Deta; all other cloud providers use some variant of them.

Can I delete a project?#

No, sorry but deleting projects is not available yet.