Deta is a free cloud crafted with the developer and user experience at heart.

It is our mission to dramatically reduce the gap between ideas and working cloud applications.

Why is Deta Cloud free for ever?#

We want anyone, at any age from anywhere in the world to experiment and build their ideas without worrying about limits of credit cards.

How are you going to make money?#

We're working on a big, parallel product that we will be announcing soon. This product will be responsible for generating revenue. Stay tuned!


To accomplish our mission, we offer a set of minimal-config cloud primitives:

  1. Deta Base (beta): Instantly usable database with a feature-rich API.
  2. Deta Micros (beta): Deploy scalable Node & Python apps in seconds.
  3. Deta Drive (beta): Upload, host and serve images and files.
  4. Deta Auth (soon): Effortless signup, login & accounts for your apps.

Local Development and the Deta CLI#

Most developers like their local development flow. We provide a CLI that ties your local development workflow to your micro cloud, see:


If you have any questions, we provide a few ways to get help ASAP:

Deta Base#

Deta Base is our instantly usable NoSQL database.

Deta Micros#

Deta Micros(servers) are a lightweight but scalable cloud runtime tied to an HTTP endpoint. Currently Node.js and Python Micros are supported.

Deta CLI#

The Deta CLI allows you to tie your local machine and dev setup to your own personal micro cloud.

You create and update micros using the CLI.

Getting Help#

We have answered some FAQs in these docs, but we are here to help and would love to hear what you think!

If you have any questions or feedback, you can reach us: