About Deta Micros


Deta Micros(ervers) are a lightweight but scalable cloud runtime tied to an HTTP endpoint. They are meant to get your apps up and running blazingly fast. Focus on writing your code and Deta will take care of everything else.

Technical Specifications

Micros support either Python 3.7 or Node.js 12.x code for now. A Deno runtime is planned.

Every Micro you use gets its own sandboxed Linux VM. Nobody can access your code and VM but you.

You are supposed to interact with the filesystem, it's not a security vulnerability.

Each program has a key and secret keys set in the environment, these are specific to your program and not the DETA system. Make sure to not share them to keep your own data safe.

An execution times out after 10s. Contact us for increase (up to 15 minutes/execution).

128 MB of RAM for each execution. Contact us for increase (up to 3 GB/execution).

Read-only file system. Only /tmp can be written to. It has a 512 MB storage limit.

Invocations have an execution processes/threads limit of 1024.

HTTP Payload size limit is 5.5 MB.