Deploy to Deta Button

The Deploy to Deta button provides users a quick way to deploy a public Git repo to a Deta Micro directly from the browser.

It's an easy way to share your creations with the developer community.

You can use the "Deploy To Deta Button" in open-source repositories, blog posts, landing pages etc, allowing other developers to quickly deploy and use your app on Deta.

An example button that deploys a sample Python Micro to Deta:



You can let users deploy your GitHub, Gitlab BitBucket (Git) repo quickly by adding the following markup:


Specify the exact branch url if you want to use a different branch for deployment. If you provide the repository url without specifying a branch, the default branch will be used.

The repository must be a public git repository url.

Usage with HTML/JavaScript#

The button image is hosted in the following url:

and can be easily added to HTML pages or JavaScript applications. Example usage:

<a href="">
<img src="" alt="Deploy">

Metadata, Environment Variables And Cron#

You can optionally specify metadata, environment variables and a cron expression needed by the Micro in a deta.json file. Create this file in the root directory of your application.

The deta.json file has the following schema:

"name": "your app name",
"description": "your app description",
"runtime": "micro's runtime",
"env": [
"key": "ENV_VAR_KEY",
"description": "Human friendly description of the env var",
"value": "Default value of the env var",
"required": true|false
"cron": "default cron expression (for eg. 3 minutes)"


  • name: the application name, we will use the repositry name by default if this is not provided, users can change this value during deployment

  • description: the application description which will be shown to users on the deployment page

  • runtime: the micro's runtime, the default runtime (python3.9 or nodejs14.x) will be used unless this value is set, supported values:

    • Python: python3.7, python3.8, python3.9
    • Nodejs: nodejs12.x, nodejs14.x
  • env: the environment variables your app uses

    • key: the environment variable key, users cannot change this value
    • description: the description of the environment variable so users know what it is used for
    • value: the default value of this variable, users can change this value
    • required: if the value of this variable must be set by the user
  • cron: the default cron expression for the micro, if this is provided the deployed micro will have a cron job set with the provided value by default, users can change the value during deployment

You can test your deta.json file by visiting

Get discovered#

Make sure to add the deta tag to your repo for it to show up in our GitHub topic.

Deta Tpoic on GitHub


If you run into any issues, consider reporting them in our Github Discussions.