Deploy to Deta Button

The Deploy to Deta button provides users a quick way to deploy a public Git repo to a Deta Micro directly from the browser.

It's an easy way to share your creations with the developer community.

You can use the "Deploy To Deta Button" in open-source repositories, blog posts, landing pages etc, allowing other developers to quickly deploy and use your app on Deta.

An example button that deploys a sample Python Micro to Deta:



You can let users deploy your GitHub, Gitlab BitBucket (Git) repo quickly by adding the following markup:


Specify the exact branch url if you want to use a different branch for deplyment. If you provide the repository url without specifying a branch, the default branch will be used.

The repository must be a public git repository url.

Usage with HTML/JavaScript#

The button image is hosted in the following url:

and can be easily added to HTML pages or JavaScript applications. Exampel usage:

<a href="">
<img src="" alt="Deploy">

Metadata, Environment Variables And Cron#

You can optionally specify metadata, environment variables and a cron expression needed by the Micro in a deta.json file. Create this file in the root directory of your application.

The deta.json file has the following schema:

"name": "your app name",
"description": "your app description",
"runtime": "micro's runtime",
"env": [
"key": "ENV_VAR_KEY",
"description": "Human friendly description of the env var",
"value": "Default value of the env var",
"required": true|false
"cron": "default cron expression (for eg. 3 minutes)"


  • name: the application name, we will use the repositry name by default if this is not provided, users can change this value during deployment

  • description: the application description which will be shown to users on the deployment page

  • runtime: the micro's runtime, the default runtime (python3.9 or nodejs14.x) will be used unless this value is set, supported values:

    • Python: python3.7, python3.8, python3.9
    • Nodejs: nodejs12.x, nodejs14.x
  • env: the environment variables your app uses

    • key: the environment variable key, users cannot change this value
    • description: the description of the environment variable so users know what it is used for
    • value: the default value of this variable, users can change this value
    • required: if the value of this variable must be set by the user
  • cron: the default cron expression for the micro, if this is provided the deployed micro will have a cron job set with the provided value by default, users can change the value during deployment

You can test your deta.json file by visiting

Get discovered#

Make sure to add the deta tag to your repo for it to show up in our GitHub topic.

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