Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request for a timeout or memory increase?#

Please, use the following forms to request for respective limit increases:

Can I use my own custom domain or subdomain with a Micro?#

Yes, please refer to the documentation.

Do Micros support websockets?#

No, Micros do not support websockets and other long-running processes.

Why can I not write to the filesystem in a Micro?#

Micros have a read-only filesystem. Only /tmp can be written to, which is ephemeral and has a storage limit of 512 Mb.

Why am I getting a Request Entity Too Large error when deploying a Micro?#

Micros have a maximum deployment size limit of 250 Mb. This limit includes the total size of your code and dependencies.

Why does my Micro behave different locally and deployed?#

This can be because of a number of reasons. Please check out the specifications and notes for further information to find a possible reason.

Why is my Micro returning a 502 Bad Gateway?#

The response comes from a reverse proxy between a client and your Micro. If there is a runtime error or a timeout when invoking a Micro, the proxy responds with a 502 Bad Gateway.

In order to debug 502 responses, you can use deta visor which show you real-time logs of your application. Navigate to your Micro's visor page from the UI or use the deta cli command deta visor open to view the error logs.

If there are no logs in your visor and your Micro's response took roughly 10 seconds, then it's likely because of a timeout.

If it is not because of a timeout, then please contact us.

Is it safe to commit the .deta folder created by the cli?#

Yes it is safe to commit your .deta folder and push it to public repositories.